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Feel free to call in your order by telephone at (352) 544-0330.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions as to what bamboo might best suit your needs. We recommend you visit our nursery to see the bamboo you plan to purchase in the landscape. By doing so you avoid shipping expenses and get the best possible selection. Numerous bamboo not listed here are available at the nursery in limited quantities. Also visit our daylily website

Pick-Up or Delivery
We prefer for customers to pick up their plants at our nursery which allows them to view their bamboo in the landscape. Our nursery is one hour north of Tampa and ninety minute west of Orlando. Call for directions. A map is on the "Contact Us" page. Always call before visiting to make sure we are here. Delivery within one hundred miles costs $1.50 per mile one way distance for one plant or a truck load. Some bamboo may be in short supply or sold out. Be sure to inquire before ordering on line.

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Use the shopping cart to build the order.  We accept checks and PayPal.  At the nursery we accept cash and checks. Thank you for your business. 



 $45   (3 gallon) 45 feet tall   3 inch diameter   12 F.  8-10 zone  clumper  sun to some shade

 Impressively large this tight clumping bamboo grows straight up until it aches toward the top forming an umbrella of shale and coolness. It is noticeably larger than Graceful bamboo at maturity. Notice the white vertical stripes on the dark green canes. In an open area this would be an impressive landscape element. Keep at least 35 feet away from overhead wires, building and such. The shoots are edible.  The pictures shown are of a small two cane Albostraita planted twelve months ago. Yes, we have good soil

Alphonse Karr (Bumbusa multiplex Alp. Karr)

$35 (3 gallon)     25-3 Feet Tall     1.5" Diameter     12 Degree F     8-10 Zone     Clumper      Sun to some Shade.

This very popular bamboo has bright yellow culm with longitudinal green stripes. Culms are often used in interior decorations. It becomes a dense fence or screen when planted ten feet apart. Pruning the lower branches to chest level reveals the attractive culms. The culms grow straight up with little arching to the sides.

Bambusa Richard Waldron

$30 (3 gallon)     8-10 Feet Tall     0.25" Diameter     21 Degree F     Clumper     Zone 8-10   Sun to part shade   

A lower growing screening bamboo useful as a low fence when planted close together.             
Pictures coming soon. 

Blue Bamboo (Bambusa chungii)

$65 (3 gallon)     40 Feet Tall     2-3" Diameter     15 Degree F     Clumper      Sun or semi-shade

Culms have a pale blue look especially near the bottom which is the more visible area due to little foliage near the bottom. Cold hardy to at least 15 degrees F. A show stopper in our garden.  Slightly open clumper. Stunning appearance.

Chinese Goddess (Bambusa multiplex "Riviereorum")

$30 (3 gallon)     6-10 Feet Tall     .25-.5" Diameter     15 Degree F     Clumper      

Riviereorum grows into a dense thick clump giving an excellent lower height screen with numerous tiny leaves. Although it takes full sun it looks better and grows better in half day sun or semi-shade. Ok for larger containers. Cold hardy to below 15 degrees F. Often used along walkways. Due to our near perfect conditions it grows bigger for us than it will for you. Expect it to be a few feet shorter than our pictures. For an even lower screen consider Tiny Fern.

David Bissettii (Phyllostachys bissettii)

$20 (3 gallon)     23 Feet Tall     1" Diameter     -15 Degree F     6-10 Zone     Runner      Partly Shade to Sun

This is a hardy vigorous running bamboo quick to fill in a space. Strong close growing culms make this a good barrier or screen if enough space is available or an underground barrier is in place. I mow the new shoots to keep it where I want it. Usually this is the first to develop new shoots in the spring. This does well in containers. The extra cold hardiness makes this a possible north cottage plant.


$40 (3 gallon)     50 Feet Tall     2.5-3" Diameter     15 Degree F     8-10 Zone     Sun or filtered light

Tall, erect with branching at all levels makes this bamboo a candidate for tall screening in a tighter locations between buildings. Toward the top there will be some arching. The culms walls are thick and strong.

Dwarf Blue (Bambusa chungii ‘Barbellata’)

$55     35      feet tall      2 inch diameter      15 F.      8-10 zone clumper sun or some shade

A bluish white powder on the culms makes this a dramatic and popular bamboo. Can be used as a taller screen to block off an unwanted view. More vigorous than Chunhii but just as beautiful.  Pictured is a three year old stand planted in the front of our home.


Emerald Bamboo (Bambusa textilis "Mutabilis")

$45 (3 gallon)    50 Feet Tall     2-3" Diameter     12 Degree F     7-10 Zone     Clumper      Sun to part shade

This is an awesome large bamboo which never fails to draw favorable comment here. The closely packed canes are thick with a blue tint. When mature in four to five years the branching and foliage disappears from the lower eight feet or so revealing the traditional bamboo look. My stand pictured is seven years old planted with one three foot cane from a small pot it was rooted in. I have good soil.

Fernleaf (Bambusa multiplex)

$30 (3 gallon)     15-20 Feet Tall     .5-.75" Diameter     15 Degree F     Clumper      

This shade loving bamboo is good for screening underneath a tree canopy, filtered light conditions or even some full sun. The culms arch outward somewhat. As the light level increases the leaves become smaller.

Glabra Silk Bamboo

$45 (3 gallon)     45 Feet Tall     2" Diameter     12 Degree F     Clumper      zone 8-10    Sun or part shade.

The culms develop a bluish white tint as the bamboo matures in it’s third year and there after. Strongly arching culms create a large garden umbrella. The spread from drip line to drip line may be 60 feet in reasonable conditions.

Golden Goddess (Bambusa multiplex)

$30 (3 gallon)     10-16 Feet Tall     0.75" Diameter     15 Degree F     Clumper      

Excellent lower height screening bamboo which forms a tight dense opaque clump. Culms arch slightly providing a wider visual effect. Laughs at Brooksville cold winter temperatures as do all multiplex bamboo. Sun or partial shade ok. Excellent along a fence. 15 degrees F ok. Smaller leaves.

Graceful Bamboo (Bambusa textilis "Gracilis")

$45 (3 gallon)    35 Feet Tall     2-3" Diameter     12 Degree F     7-10 Zone     Clumper      Sun to part shade

Graceful bamboo is a dense clumper which grows erect for 15-20 feet then begins to strongly arch out to form a huge umbrella. Numerous birds nest and roost there where they are safe from predators, storms and winter chill. Self fertilizing in a way since the birds leave their droppings. Breezes more the heavily branched canes back and forth in a pleasing fashion. Do not plant close to over head wires, buildings or pool cages. This is one of our more popular bamboo.

Hedge (Bambusa multiplex hedge)

$30 (3 gallon)     25 Feet Tall     1" Diameter     12 Degree F     7-10 Zone     Clumper      Partly Shade to Sun

This versatile fast growing evergreen clumping bamboo makes it suitable for many situations ranging from a tall green hedge, erosion control, crime prevention screen(can't get throught it), sunny or shady locations, and dry or wet areas. It does well in containers or tubs. Mature clumps of this or any bamboo are a haven for birds which find shelter from wind, cold and predators. Hedge bamboo is my recommendation for solving an unpleasant view. Our low price makes this an excellent value. I use stem dried stem sections for kindling wood when starting fires in our fireplace.

Kanapaha Bamboo (bambusa textilis ‘Kanapaha’)

$50      50 to 60 feet tall      3 to 4 inch diameter      15 F.      8-10 zone clumper sun or shade

This stunning bamboo is named after the University of Florida Kanapaha Gardens. It is a tight clumper with thick cane walls that grows erect with some sideways arch near the top. The bluish tint together with impressive size make thisa must have for a property large enough to display it. Similar in appearance to Emerald bamboo.

The clump pictured started with one cane nine years ago. In our clay soil it is sixty feet tall.

Midori Green (Bambusa Multiplex Midori Green, Green Alphouse)

$35 (3 gallon)     15-20 Feet Tall     1.5" Diameter     13 Degree F     9-10 Zone     Clumper      Partly Shade to Sun

This erect fast growing clumping bamboo forms a 15-20 foot wall. The culms start as a yellow green striped / darker green. In time the culms become light yellow. Many refer this as a short version of Alphouse Karr, hence the common name green Alphouse. An excellent choice for a screening bamboo if overhead wires are a concern.

Oldhamii (Bambusa oldhamii)

$40 (3 gallon)     50-60 Feet Tall     4-5" Diameter     22 Degree F     9-10 Zone     Clumper      Sun to some Shade.

Extremely erect growth habit makes this an ideal choice for tighter spaces between buildings. After a few years this bamboo reveals the thick impressive culms up to about one third way up the culm. In Tampa, I have observed Oldhamii over 65 feet tall with 7" diameter culms. This bamboo is featured at public gardens and theme parks due to the estate specimen appearance. Salt tolerant. Available in larger containers. The shown are a two year old plant.

Punting Pole

$40 (3 gallon)     50 Feet Tall     2.5-3" Diameter     15 Degree F     8-10 Zone     Clumper      Sun or filtered

Thick walled culms give strength to this erect green bamboo. I have planted mine about 15 feet from the west side of my house to provide afternoon shade.  There is branching at all levels unlike many tall bamboo. May be suitable for tight spaces between properties.

R. G. Dwarf (bambusa textilis R. G. Dwarf)

$45 (3 gallon)     15-20 Feet Tall     1.5 to 2" Diameter     12 Degree F     8-10 Zone     Clumper      Sun or Shade

This relatively short bamboo makes an excellent upright screen giving a traditional bamboo look.  The thick canes make this a popular ornamental screening bamboo. This would be an easy way to add value to your property.

Red Margined (Phyllostachys rubromarginata)

$20 (3 gallon)     30-50 Feet Tall     2.75" Diameter     -5 Degree F     6-10 Zone     Aggressive Runner      Partly Sun to Sun

This fast spreading, rapid increasing tall bamboo is often used to reclaim poor land. It provides a good screen or windbreak. The culms become yellow/gray with a faint red tint at the margins. One of the best bamboos for wood quality. The culms are straight, long, and with little taper. Shoots are edible. An Alabama Agricultural research station reported Red Margined bamboo to be THE largest producer of wood per acre. Be aware that this is indeed an aggressive spreader which can be desirable or not depending on your needs. The large strong stems are useful as garden stakes or poles, elements of an outdoor garden structure, shepherd's pipes, basket material, and many other uses. Our low price makes this a good value.

Seabreeze Bamboo (Bambusa malingensis)

$30 (3 gallon)     35 Feet Tall     2" Diameter     15 Degree F     Clumper      

This is a dense clumping bamboo that forms an excellent medium height view and wind blocker. Tolerates 15 degrees F in Brooksville. Said to be tolerant of salty sea breezes. A good screening bamboo.

Silverstripe (Bambusa glauccescens)

$30 (3 gallon)     40 Feet Tall     2.25" Diameter     15 Degree F     9-10 Zone     Clumper      Partly Sun to Sun

A large impressive clumping bamboo with few to many white-striped leaves, one or two thin white stripes on culm internodes and faint brown stripes on the sheaths. This is a popular bamboo in the south and southwest United States. Suitable for a container. Not suitable for a small backyard.

Silverstripe (Bambusa multiplex)

$30 (3 gallon)     25-40 Feet Tall     1.5" Diameter     15 Degree F     Clumper      

Medium height cold hardy clumper, a bigger version of hedge Bamboo. The new leaves display a silver stripe which goes away as the leaf matures. A good screening bamboo. Fairly tight clumps. This bamboo is now flowering which weakens the plant. 15 degrees F ok. Please excuse my lousy pictures. And yes we have a working fireplace.

Stripestem Fernleaf

$30 (3 gallon)     8 Feet Tall     0.25" Diameter     12 Degree F     Clumper       Zone 8-10   Sun or shade

New shoots are red with green stripes which will change to yellow. Small and compact for a low screen.
Pictures coming soon. 

Textilis Maculata

$45 (3 gallon)     20-30 Feet Tall     1 - 1.5" Diameter     12 Degree F     Clumper      Sun or part shade

 A tight clumping bamboo like all Textilis bamboo it will arch some after a hard rain. Normally erect.  zone 8-10 
Pictures coming soon. 

Tiny Fern (Bambusa multiplex)

$30 (3 gallon)     3-7 Feet Tall     0.25" Diameter     15 Degree F     Clumper       Sun or shade

A shorter version of Riviereorum Bamboo. Has numerous tiny leaves forming a dense low screen. Ok for a larger container. Could be used next to a building as a low hedge.

Weaver's Bamboo (Bambusa textilis)

$40 (3 gallon)     35-40 Feet Tall     2+" Diameter     12 Degree F     7-10 Zone     Clumper      Sun to some Shade.

This is a popular tall clumping bamboo with densely packed canes giving the traditional bamboo look. Mainly the canes grow erect but some may go out sideways especially after a hard rain which makes the branches heavier. With any bamboo it is ok to prune off canes which are in the way or displease you. Once pruned a bamboo cannot grow taller on that cane which you pruned however it will have the urge to bush out at the nodes below where you cut it. Like the other textilis grouping of bamboo be careful to plant it away form over head wires, building or pool cages. This could be an excellent tall screen. Called Weavers bamboo skilled Asians use special tools and knowledge to make baskets, hats, chairs, mats, fencing and other products.

Willowy Bamboo

$35      15 - 20 feet tall      .75 inch diameter      12 F.      clumper    zone 8-10      Sun or shade

Willowy could be an excellent lower screen with all the branching and foliage. The canes arch under the weight of the foliage quickly blocking an unwanted view. Sways nicely in a breeze. Shorter than Golden Goddess and much shorter than Hedge this would work nicely under overhead wires. In a typical location it may only reach ten to twelve feet at maturity.

One picture shows a Willowy just planted with a one year old Willowy in the background. The second picture shows a view of two Willowy one year old planted in front of a four foot high chain link fence. The fence is already invisible.


A few final thoughts on bamboo. Bamboo is the ultimate renewable resource maturing to full stature in years versus decades for a tree. Thousands of uses have been found for bamboo. Most new shoots can be eaten if soaked and properly prepared. Need a high quality tomato support? Prune out a culm and shove it deep in the ground leaving on one third of the length of each lateral branch. A tomato plant likes to climb up supporting itself on the branches. Compost everything when the season is over. Concerned about global warming? Plant a bamboo which will grow faster than almost anything consuming green house gases in the process. Want a dramatic landscape effect but don't want to wait forever for a tree to mature. Bamboo gets you there faster.